Playing live with Cubase

Anyone please live with Cubase? I’m looking for tools and ideas to help trigger samples live.

What instruments are people using in live environments for triggering samples?

All contributions welcome please :slight_smile:

yes, works like a charm, but i use Vienna ensemble for live hosting the vsts. With the latest computers there is no real need anymore to do this, but since the set is made and often more or less the same i just keep it in this way.

We use an old Roland SPD20 for triggering drums, a cheap keyboard for live playing. Actually it doesn’t really matter what type of controller you use, but i would take in to account that it should be a) lightweight, b) build like a tank, c) ready to play within less then 5 minutes, d) not your most beloved peace of gear since stages are a very bad living environment for your gear. (wet, hot, dusty, hastily transported)

If you go abroad or have to take a flight rent your gear as much as possible since i have had very bad experiences with luggage handling in airports and our guitarplayer even worse. And if you let it rent by the organisation it’s not on your budget. :slight_smile:
The downside is that most of the time you never know beforehand what they are going to give you and rented gear is often even in a more bad shape then your own gear.

The Roland does have an issue when your are hard hitting the pads and it creates false positives sometimes (triggers that shouldn’t trigger). Most bands i see in that style of music use some sort of trigger pads. That’s good for drums since it has to send note on/of triggers.

I’ve seen guys making their own trigger pads or use a kit. That is really funky to see … if it works.

so it is mostly depending on what you are wanting to do on a stage ?

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Hi Roel,

Thanks for replying. Which VSTs do you use to manage the samples? Also are they just 1-shot samples or do you trigger loops also?

Thanks, HH

I don’t. I found that Cantabile Performer Pro was an excellent application for triggering samples, doing MIDI mapping (keyboard to sound generation), keyboard splits, etc.

Granted, this may not be ideal since you already own Cubase…