Playing My MX88 Launches Cubase Windows like shortcuts

I’m trying to get my remote tools to work or to get my MX88 to work properly with Cubase in general and I’m experience so many wacky window pop ups while playing and the Remote DAW feature will not work for me. Because of the holidays, I can’t get anyone from Yamaha or Seinberg to help me so I hope the forum can assist. Thanks,

Hi and welcome,

I would expect, you are sending your MIDI Notes to any Remote Device (maybe Mackie Control?). This is why do you get a pop ups window, while playing. If you have any Remote Device enabled in the Studio Setup, remove them, or set the MIDI Input to Not Connected. Now, you should be able to play properly.

Then you can start to setup the Remote DAW part. Please read in the manual, how to do it. I don’t think MX88 is using Mackie Control protocol. If I’m wrong and it does, make sure, you select the right MIDI port in the Mackie Control device in the Remote Devices.

Make sure MX88 is connected to your computer via USB, not via MIDI 5-DIN over some MIDI>USB converter, please.