Playing old CPR files in Cubase 8 Elements


Apologies if this has been asked before but I’m new to this forum. I have a number(several hundred) old CPR files I created in Cubase SL3. I recently updated to Cubase 8 Elements and have tried and failed to load any of my old files into 8. If I try the system just hangs until I re-boot. Does anyone have any tips as to what I’m doing wrong?.

Hi and welcome,

Please, check this chart.

As far as I can see SL3 isn’t on the chart martin has linked to but you should be able to open SL3 cprs with Elements 8.

I used SL3 to import my older “ALL” files from VST and then save them as CPRs so that I could use them in Cubase 8. I can confirm that I can open these CPRs with Elements 8.


You are right Cubase SX/SE/SL is not even in the list.

But planarchist’s way is the expected way, how to transform older projects (ALL) to the current Cubase versions. The Cubase SX/SE/SL version is the “transit” version. So it should works from Cubase SX/SE/SL version.

Thanks all, I have tried to load the SL3 CPR files but they just don’t seem to want to load. Would it help if I reloaded SL3 onto my new systems and re-save the files again?. I was under the impression that any CPR file would load into elements 8 but it doesn’t seem to like them. Puzzling.

I’m afraid, it would help to install the Cubase SL3 again, and re-save it. It should be the same, as the original SL3 CPR file. Unless, you didn’t have the latest Cubase SL3 update, which could make a change.

Thanks Martin, I’ll give that a go.

A special version of sx3 was made available to download so that files can be converted to useing newer versions of Cubase.

I converted some of my really old CubaseVST5 files and they work fine. if I can find the link for the download I wil post it here.

Here is the direct link to the song conversion program on Steinbergs’ ftp

Thanks Sundayforsammy, looks like I’m going to have a busy weekend. Cheers Tim