Playing on muted midi track??

Hi Guys,

Just got my first copy of Cubase Artist 6! Don’t know why I persisted with other programs for so long!

Issue I’m having is…after I’ve recorded a midi track, sometimes I want to mute the track recording out and play some riffs using that same VST instrument on that track with the drums etc…but obviously, when I hit the mute button, it also inhibits being able to play the VST on that track (using my other programs I could mute the track recorded data, but still use my midi keyboard to play that VST instrument).

My work-around has been to duplicate the track and delete the recorded data and just play on an open track which I can live with, but is there an easier way?? It becomes an issue when using a non Steinberg VST and I spend a long time modifiying the synth sound, but when I duplicate the track, it doesn’t copy the VST changes (Steinberg synth changes on Halion/Spector for example keep theh synth changes when duplicating a track, but not some others I’m using).

Thanks in advance for any advice!


From the behavior you describe, I am guessing you are using Instrument Tracks, rather than regular MIDI tracks routed to an instrument in the VST rack? (I guess this because the Mute button on an Instrument Track mutes its audio output, whereas the Mute button on a MIDI track simply mutes the MIDI that is on the track).
So, for Instrument Tracks, you could instead just Mute the Part(s) on the track…
There’s a Key Command, “Mute/Unmute Objects” (I can’t remember what it is by default, but just go to the File menu>Key Commands>Edit>“Mute/Unmute Objects”, where you can read what key command to use, or set one yourself).
Then just select the Part(s) on the track then use the Key Command.

Ahh yes, that’s exctly what I’m doing, doing my midi type keyboard recordings on an instrument track…all backwards! …but the “ALT M” worked great!! Thanks for the hot tip.

I got a bit confused when I first got into Cubase last week with which type of track to use…ie: Midi or Instrument. The options on the Instrument tracks looked so much easier to access and add any of my VST instruments. When I open a blank midi track I can’t find where to add a VST. I’ll have to hit the books more!

Thanks again.

That’s precisely why they were added to Cubase! :slight_smile:… a simple, easy-acces to VST Instruments (but lacking the more complex routing, mulitple outputs etc. of doing it via regular MIDI tracks routed to a an Instrument in the VST Instrument rack)