Playing/Playback Techniques Cross Reference

Is there a cross reference between Playback Techniques and Playing Techniques?

I recognise that other VST developers don’t necessarily use the same names as Steinberg, but this issue is beyond that.

Perhaps I have the wrong end of the stick (nothing new), and my understanding of Theory is still primitive, but Playing Techniques don’t always have the same names as Playback Techniques (e.g. which is the correct Playback Technique for Arco?) and I haven’t found a way to look at the Playing Techniques window when editing an Expression Map. I’d greatly appreciate your thoughts and guidance.

In the Playing Technique window you can see which Playback Technique is associated with a particular Playing Technique. In the Expression Map editor you choose this Playback Technique for your Base/Add-on switch.

Thank you very much Nickie,

I cannot find a Playing Technique window. I’m guessing you mean the Playing Techniques line in the properties panel. This does indeed show the associated Playback Technique for each technique used in the project. Or is this available somewhere else?

If I am creating an Expression Map from scratch (if I understand you), in order to benefit from this I will need to assign to the project any techniques that I want to use, then examine each to see which Playback Technique is associated with it, and end up with a list. Then open the Expression Map editor for the new Map and select the chosen Playback Techniques.

Dorico is great - I’m not knocking it one bit. Even so, it would be so much easier if there were a Cross Reference list (or better still to see the association in the Expression Map), after all there are a lot of them :-).

Any other ideas?

Nickie is referring to the Playing Techniques panel in Write mode: you can hover over each of the playing techniques shown there, and the tool tip will contain the playback technique that is produced by that playing technique.

Thank you Daniel - so that’s two places they can be looked up.

Neither of them is available when editing an Expression Map unfortunately, so I think it’s still a case of closing one window to look at another, then reopening the first, or am I missing something else?

It’s true that you can’t hover over the playing techniques in the Playing Techniques panel to see what playback techniques they use, yes. But for all of the standard ones, you should find that the relationship is one-to-one.

I do agree that it would be helpful to be able to visualise the relationship between playback techniques and playing techniques more directly.

Thank you Daniel - very helpful as always.

Woah there! We’re all wrong :slight_smile:

If you hover long enough on the Base Switch (and you may need to move the pointer away and come back) the name of the technique appears! Bingo.

Well sorry for anybody’s time I’ve wasted but hopefully it is useful to know the info is there (why I didn’t see it before is another story)

Thankyou all

P.S. this only works on the selected switch - perhaps that’s why I didn’t notice it before

You can also change the Playback Technique if you (double) click the switch. This can sometimes be necessary, if you duplicate a switch.

Thank you Nickie - I’m getting there slowly

In that case you are faster than me. I got there very slowly :smile:. It took me quite a while to figure out, the reason my expression maps never triggered the correct switches was because I hadn’t discovered the link between them and the Playback Techniques. I thought I could save some time by duplicating Base switches, which resulted in them all getting attached to the same Playback Technique.