Playing skill level assumed for red notes in Dorico

when dark or bright red notes appear in Write mode in Dorico, what skill level is assumed for the player? Some dark or bright red notes appear for woodwind which I think are playable, so is the skill level assumed to be medium rather than advanced or in the UK grade 5 rather than grade 8. Is it possible to change the expected skill levels of the players?

Please see Out of Range - #12 by dspreadbury
(And scroll to the top of that thread for how to tweak the definitions outside of Dorico, if you dare.)

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It’s a good question. For example, what is the highest note on a violin? It depends on who you ask and what players can do. And then five string violins go lower that the expected lowest note G. And a four string violin can be and is sometimes tuned down to D on the bottom string.

And what is the range of a grand piano? Here in Australia the distinguished piano maker Wayne Stuart has succeeded in making very fine new instruments with 108 keys that are brilliant mechanically and musically.

It’s a nice feature in Dorico but needs to be customisable.

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Thank you - very helpful - in my transcoding project i may have naively deleted some bright red notes as not playable when in fact they may be and will have to go back to check against recognized ranges