Playing sound from cubase/windows @ same time

Hi guys,

I have two KRK monitors and a pair of headphones running through a USB interface. is there any way I can get Cubase to make noise while I tab over to a browser and play youtube videos, for example? Or if I want to play music through Cubase while browsing the web? I currently use the “release driver while in background” option, but it’s a bit buggy and takes time to kick in., and doesn’t play both at the same time always.

My old interface which took a crap on me used to do this just fine. Maybe there is some setting in windows or something I’m missing?


configure windows to use its native driver for on-board sound and untick “release in background” cubase using asio driver. in absence of your setup info hard to say what will work and what wont.

If my monitors and headphones are plugged into my USB interface, can Windows really work by using native sound instead? There is nothing plugged into my computers on board motherboard sound device.

In Windows audio…select your audio hardware and click advanced settings.
Untick “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device”

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Aren’t you running the risk of sample rate mismatch sharing audio between Cubase and Windows?

To the OP, what audio interface are you using?