Playing strings live

Ugh…I have a problem that I’ve never encountered before.

And old band asked me to play a 4 song “mini set” with them in the Staten Island Yankees Stadium in early August. They have the current line-up for the band plus a full horn section. I was originally going to be the backup keyboardist but found out today that the string players, who are still in school, can’t do it so I’ve been asked to learn the string parts on the keyboards.

I’m a terribly anal retentive perfectionist when it comes to live playing and I know that if I can’t get strings to my satisfaction in Cubase there’s almost no way in hell I’ll do it to my liking live. Does anyone in here have any tips on playing? With the various articulations that are possible, should I resort to samples and/or sequences for the trickier parts and play the “normal” stuff like a synth pad?

They will have seating for 2,000 people so I’m trying to avoid making the band sound bad as well as myself. Help…?

Aloha L,

From my POV,
If yer chops are up and you can cut the gig, just play man. Play!

Kool gig (I’m jealous) but any gig (like life) good bad or in-between;
before you know it, it’s over. So enjoy it!

Besides, they asked you to play.


If it was me, I would sequence the whole thing and tap tempo all night.

Well things have changed. Apparently, I’m playing everything except for piano, which will be covered by someone dedicated to that instrument only. So I get organ, strings, synth parts, etc.

Having listened to the songs a few times…

Photograph - Ringo Starr
#9 Dream - John Lennon
Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five - Wings
All Things Must Pass - McCartney

…I realize that the string parts really aren’t anything to worry about. The song selection, however, is something to worry about. :laughing: If I had the chance to play any four Beatles (or post-Beatles) songs for 2,000 people I can thing of a million better choices than these.

Meh. Whatever. This is one of the reasons why I left the band in the first place. Now I’m a mercenary of sorts so I’m keeping my mouth shut.

Isn’t “All Things Must Pass” George Harrison? Irrelevant nit-picking I know :unamused:

All Things Must Pass is George Harrison, not McCartney.


Sorry, should have been clearer. We’re playing McCartney’s cover during Concert for George. I’m not sure if there are differences between that and the original.