Playing Technic for Harp ?

Hi Daniel,
what can i expect in terms of harp playing techniques in the next update. I did not read about it later in 2017. Pedal symbols in scores are so important. Glissando lines and the right notes, a dream ???


Hi Eggi [not Daniel, but I’ll answer your post]

While not fully integrated or automated and optimised, you can already achieve quite a lot for harp notation.
Harp pedals is quite easy with text and the pedal glyphs over at SMuFL (see the more recent comments on this post:

Glissando lines are also available, not sure what you mean with ‘right notes’.

Below is an example of what you can already achieve (I should nudge the slur though!)

Many thanks for your response. The full implementation was my hope. Sibelius also helps with plugins. My idea is to be able to swich Harp pedals quickly, these sounds should then be heard “IN” Glissandolines. Of course, I can write down every note of the glissando but very cumbersome.

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Indeed, glissando playback is not implemented in Dorico yet. Once the team has time for that, I have no doubt that harp glissandos will play back as well (they are however more complicated of course!)

I suppose built-in pedal support will have to be tied into that.

Glisses for harp that take account of pedals would be awesome! This is one thing I’ve always had to play live in mock-ups.

Over time we expect to add a number of instrument-specific features so that we can better support the idiomatic notations of particular instruments – guitar is obviously the highest priority of these, and we’re working on that for the next major version, but harp is also quite a high priority. We want to support playback of glissandos in general in the next major version if possible, and we have certainly talked about what it would take to generate the appropriate notes based on the harp’s current pedal configuration. Watch this space – it’s not something you should expect to arrive overnight, but you can absolutely expect it for the future.

There are hardly any wishes left. I think Sibelius loses against Dorico. Thanks to the team and Daniel…

It can be good to know that printing out harp pedaling with the harp pedal symbol isn’t very appreciated by all harpists. Some think it’s ok and some really hates it. The latter maybe due to many arrangers/composers lack of knowledge of the harp. When I’ve asked harpists what the’d prefer, most of them prefers a printed scale. (Someone compared the harp pedal symbol with printing out fingerings for a professional trumpet player… :laughing: )

The good thing is that this is SOOOOOO easy to create in Dorico. The notation below takes approx 20 seconds to achieve.

The scale is created with grace notes. (16th-notes for a good spacing) Select “Grace note before carline” in Properties and stems hidden in Engrave -> Properties -> Hide stem.

I asked harpists about this as well. They told me please don’t add them in the score because the first thing we do is take them out and then start to put our own pedals. Positions don’t only depends on the correct calculation of the pedals but also on resonance and other things. They advice instead of adding them during the engraving and composition process so it’s for sure the piece is playable, but then hide them. Only exception is for glissando and at the beginning of the piece.