playing technics upbow ec. copying problem

When I select several notes with control key-clicking and then select the upbow sign in playing technics it sets the upbows as if I had selected all notes within the first and last selected one. It works correctly with the articulation e.g. staccato dots but not with these signs. It is not possible to put these signs with the same selection method to different staves either.
Does this behavior have any sense or intention?

By the way, will the next update be able to read up and downbow signs in xml file import?

When you make a multiple selection of notes and create a playing technique, you actually create a single playing technique that lasts for the duration of the selection. In the case of markings like upbow and downbow, this creates a single playing technique event that then shows an upbow or downbow on each note along the way between the start and the end. I suggest you use Alt+click to copy individual playing techniques if this is not what you intend.

We have not yet implemented support for importing various technical elements from MusicXML files. At this stage I don’t think there is likely to be any change in this area in the forthcoming update.

Thanks for the reply.

Are there plans to change this behaviour so that I don’t have to alt-copy playing technics?
I can’t see the benefit of the actual implementation.

For instance filtering multiple playing technics of some bars in different staves and then being able to copy them to other bars would be very comfortable and time saving. Especially helpful when doing this after note input was completed.

The benefits will become more obvious when the way that playing techniques with a duration are drawn is changed, so that they can show e.g. a continuation line or arrow showing their extent.

I agree that filtering playing techniques to be able to copy them will be useful, and that will be possible in the next update.


So I am really curious of the forthcoming update.