Playing technics

I begin with the trial.

I’m very disappointed that the different playing technics like pizzicato and so on are not listened

There is à tutorial for that ?

Or there is a way to have automatically at least the basics playing technics (like Sibelius)


Dear AlbenBerg,

This stuff is being developed. I understand you are trying Dorico, thus you have not searched in the Forum or read the statements about where is Dorico right now in his development. The Play mode is something Dorico’s team is improving right now, they have been (very cleverly) handling things with priorities, developing what could be useful to most people first (engraving basic scores) and making everything better and better with time. Do no be disappointed, this software is a baby, but a very well born one, that will grow on a very sane ground. Leave them some time and you will probably find what you need/want.

Thanks for your answer. I will be patient of course, even If my demo period surely will end before…

Hi AlbenBerg

Pizz should work (from v1.0.10 with HALion) - if you select a note, type Shift+P for the playing techniques popover and type pizz then it should work fine.

There are some bugs with the playback of playing techniques, e.g. affecting playing techniques on the very first note of the flow, but in general they should play back provided you’re using the built-in HSO sounds or are using your own sounds for which you have suitable expression maps defined. Paul has been doing a lot of work in this area and the forthcoming 1.0.20 update fixes these problems. With luck that update will be out before the end of your trial period, too.

I did try it (sometimes with popover, sometimes choosing pizza from right menu a lot of time and never works !

I do wonder if you don’t have HALion and all the sounds installed correctly. If you create or load a score with a string ensemble, and then switch to Play mode, do you see HALion Sonic SE on the right? If you press the ‘e’ button does it show all the string sounds loaded?

The sounds are not downloaded automatically. I must always to do that manually. Why ???

When I put the sounds for the string orchestra (I choose combi for everyone) I get sounds.

For the pizza. I get pizz ONLY if I click the pizz word on the right (Playing techniques) But when I try to use Shift+P I type pizz but nothing happens ! Even the word is not viewed.

Dorico should automatically load the sounds. Choosing Play -> Apply Default Playback Template should always load the default sounds again. What happens if you do this? Which sounds get loaded? Do you get any error messages?

I I do this, The halon window become active,the five first track move but nothing happens . Always track 1 " First contact

If this is displaying First Contact then this suggests that you don’t have all the HSO sounds installed correctly. I would suggest uninstalling and reinstalling Dorico + Halion to be sure that everything is in the correct place. Also run the cleanup scripts in the FAQ which may allow HALion to recreate its database:


How uninstall all that?

I must paste that in terminal ?


echo “Kill any existing VSTAudioEngine and Dorico processes”
killall Dorico
killall VSTAudioEngine

echo “Remove preferences and application data”
rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/Steinberg/Dorico/preferences.xml 2>/dev/null
rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/Steinberg/Dorico/diagnosticsettings.ini 2>/dev/null
rm -fr ~/Library/Preferences/VSTAudioEngine
rm -fr ~/Library/Preferences/Dorico
rm -fr ~/Library/Caches/Dorico

if [ -d “$DORICOTMP” ]; then
echo “Removing temporary Dorico dir”
rm -fr “$DORICOTMP”

no, you have to extract it, eg to the Desktop and then in the terminal type:

sh ~/Desktop/

I delete dorico app and the Sternberg folder in application support

Now the instruments load automatically and shif P works !


The only thing very strange is when I enter notes I listen first a flute and very quickly after by the string instrument