Playing technique "1"

I created some playing techniques called simply “1”, “2”, “3” and so on. (Please don’t ask why.) Dorico didn’t object, and they now appear in my list of playing techniques. And I can use “2”, “3” etc. But I can’t use “1”. “1” (my chosen popover text for the “1” playing technique) appears in the popover, but, if I select it, nothing appears in the score. Is “1” a reserved name or something?

One thing you could try is removing your custom technique and see if the popover text still appears in the popover (for some other default playing technique). Or maybe change your popover text to something else and see if that works instead?

Maybe these won’t shed any light though.


Thanks for these suggestions. There isn’t another technique already using popover text “1”. But yes, it does work if I change the popover text to “1a”! “10” is also OK. It seems to be just “1” (as popover text, not as playing technique name) that Dorico doesn’t like.


I know I’m not supposed to ask, but I just got to know… why?


Don’t tell him! :joy:

I wasn’t going to!

I’m curious why Rehearsal Marks wouldn’t work.

I concur. A playing technique called 1 appears not to be selectable.

On Windows, if I start with “1” as the popover text and append a space with the spacebar or a non-breaking space with Shift-Alt-Space, the playing technique cannot be selected using the popover. However, if I append a space by holding down Alt while typing 0160 on the numeric keyboard with Num Lock on, then the playing technique can be selected with the popover by typing Shift-P 1 Down-arrow Enter!

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