Playing technique appearance - making them similar in score and in parts

Hello again!

Is there a way to make playing technique – and in this case its continuation type - similar across score and parts automatically?

In case you ask – even if i select sim. or Line in the drop down menu, nothing changes in the part.


Is your property switch - top right edge of properties panel - set to global or local?

You can always go Edit > Propagate Properties.

It is set to “All”. Should it be set to “Global” in order for the property to be similar in all places?

Propogate properties is useful, thank you.

Sorry, I was insufficiently specific. On the right hand side of the properties panel there is a section called “Set local properties:”. If this is set to “Globally” then changes you make should affect all layouts. If this is set to “Locally” then changes you make to local properties will only affect that layout you’re working in.

Huh, i never noticed that little switch there!
Thanks, man.

You can also apply this retrospectively by selecting items and choosing Edit > Propagate Properties. This is mode-dependent, so Engrave-mode only properties don’t get copied if you propagate in Write mode.