Playing technique entering delay of 5 seconds

In my current score that has 18 flows, entering a playing technique has a delay of about 5 seconds in page and Galley view. I tried it in a complete new project which is much faster, so it seems that the larger a project, the more delay. Is this a known problem?

I don’t think we know of any specific things that slow down large scores, although we’ve done a number of optimisations for the next update. Are you able to attach it here? Alternatively please mail it to me at p dot walmsley at steinberg dot de.

Provided it is only the first playing technique you add to the score that you find slow, then I believe we have in fact already fixed this problem since 2.0 was released. If you find that adding every playing technique is slow, then please do send us the score and tell us where in the file you’re working (e.g. which instrument, which flow, which bar), and we’ll take a closer look.

Actually still in the same score, things are working normal now. They appear immediately.