Playing technique for straight-8?

I have an arrangement that will be mostly swing, but there are measures here and there where some of the horns need to play straight 8ths. It appears there is no way to do that with playing techniques. Is that true?

I guess I can add a text comment and adjust the playback in PLAY mode, but it would be wonderful if I could make a playing technique that would have the text indication and disable swing for those notes.

You can adjust the playback for a specific part by putting the caret there, Shift+T, Straight (no swing), confirm with Alt+Enter—no need to go into Play mode. Obviously you can restore the swing playback later on in the same way. Swing indications only show up as signposts, so it’s up to you how you want to represent it graphically. You could indeed use custom playing techniques, but also perhaps a text indication or, if you want to be fancy, an annotated line as pictured.

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IIRC Using Play mode to set Swing is generally when the entire piece/flow is meant to swing.

Thanks. I should have figured that out.
It would be really nice to be able to do this with a playing technique in the future because presumably that would allow me to include the text marking and override the playback with one operation, and no need to cancel it after the PT ended.

What’s the difference whether Swing is a Tempo indication or a Playing Technique? It works.

I think a playing technique would be cleaner because with one action, I could apply the straight-8 to a range of notes, and that would also give the text marking for the performer. And if I understand the PT architecture correctly, the PT could be made to cancel itself at the end of the selected phrase.

In other words, the ideal workflow (IMHO) would be to select the phrase in question (including multi-select if several instruments are involved), and then use a keyboard or streamdeck shortcut to mark those phrases as straight-8. (or swing, if the main tempo is straight.) This type of thing comes up somewhat regularly on big band charts, particularly those of an earlier era. I’d think that is also quite common with stage show books.