Playing technique grouping doesn't work in unpitched percussion instruments

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a new score
  2. Create two players, a pitched one (e.g. vibraphone) and an unpitched one (e. g. claves)
  3. write some notes on both staves
  4. put some playing techniques on both staves
  5. in the first staff (the one containing the pitched instrument), select two adjacent playing techniques, right-click>Playing Techniques>Group Playing techniques. Result is expected: an arrow is created between the two techniques.
  6. in the other staff, do the same. Expectation: an arrow is created. Reality: nothing is created.

Seems to work fine here.
Could you upload a project that exhibits the problem?

Oops. The problem only occurs with percussion kits; I didn’t explain that in the original report.
pt_percussionkit.dorico (411.2 KB)

as a workaround, you can change the representation of the percussion kit in layout options to show single line instruments, group the playing techniques there, and change it back. You can also create a custom layout just for this view, edit it there and will be changed in all other layouts.

I assume this has something to do with Drums in 5-line staff basically being a condensed instrument. Since there are some improvements in Dorico 4 regarding drums, maybe this will also be fixed by mid next week, which seems to be the announcement date of Dorico 4.

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