Playing technique not switching

Hello, apologies if this has been covered already but I cannot find anything in the forums that sounds like the problem I am dealing with.

To start, I use two common texts in my music (espr. and dolce). As they were not included in the common Playing Techniques, I added both (with the articulation type: Direction). All of this was done with the instructions provided by one of the YouTube videos on handling playing techniques/expression maps. After I created the playing techniques, I assigned them to the expression map (I’m incorporating the EWQL composer cloud’s Symphonic Orchestra Gold).

Currently I am messing around with a short solo flute piece to make sure that all the key switches are being activated in accordance with how I notate. The playing technique “espr.” is working beautifully; when a new technique is applied, it switches to the corresponding key switch and when I select a new playing technique, it switches to whatever is being applied. However, for some reason “dolce” is not working as accurately. It continues to play on that sound sample no matter what (even if a new playing technique/key switch is applied) unless I apply the natural (“ord.”) technique first. Once, “ord.” is applied, everything goes back to normal. To clarify, some other techniques do activate (such as staccatos and fluttertongue) but my original playing techniques are the ones that seem to have the most trouble. If anyone has an idea of why this is happening, I would greatly appreciate it.

To the best of my knowledge, I created both “espr.” and “dolce” in the exact same way. I am not sure why I am getting different results. Any thoughts?

Sounds like you should check your Mutual Exclusion Group(s). A little depending on how your Expression Map is set up…
Also, dolce is a playback quality that could apply to several articulations, so I guess the most common scenario will be to assign it as an Add-On rather than Base technique in the Xmap…again a little depending on how your library treats this instruction… :slight_smile:

I think I am getting hang of it. I’ve also found it more efficient to use Halion first and then switch out libraries afterwards. Thanks