Playing technique popup old behaviour

Hi there,
Is there a way to go back to the pre Dorico 4 way of entering playing techniques, meaning that adding a second playing technique will add itself to the first one and won’t replace it?
If not, could we have the option of using this behaviour as default. 2/3 of my macros won’t work anymore and it’s so annoying, at least for me, to have to reselect the note.

It ought to be possible to return to the note by hitting Tab, but that doesn’t work to move from a playing technique back to the note at the same position – I’m not sure why, and I’ll investigate.

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Thanks for keeping me posted Daniel

Hi Daniel, did you find out why it doesn’t work?

No, it’s still on my list of things to look into when I have time, and I’m afraid I’ve not yet had time.