PLaying technique problem

Hi, any idea how i can fix this? Do i have to change something in “Edit Playing Techniques”? i tried to change some things like attribute/ direction, tried other options but nothing, is this a bug or i have missed something?


Hard to say without the file.


This question was asked in the Dorico Facebook group and received some answers.

@Jean-Louis if you ask the same question in both places (Facebook and here) can you please mention that you’ve done so, and ideally include links going both ways (i.e. edit the posts to include the link to the other) so that people following in one place can easily pick up the whole conversation? Thank you. This will also help you to avoid duplicate or even conflicting advice.

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Hi, i make a very simple file showing the problem, the problem happen when i select notes and i associate a play technique to them, here in this example i use a simple “multiphonic”
Exemple.dorico (467.2 KB)

It was me who posted that in Dorico group in facebook and you answer me personally :slight_smile: but the problem not solved and that’s why i came here to find some help

Yes of course, I meant that in your post here on the forum (which is admittedly your first post here, so it’s fair enough it might not have been an idea) it would be helpful to include a sentence mentioning that you had already asked in the Facebook group, but the problem wasn’t yet solved, and include a link to your post in the Facebook group so people here can easily jump to it and read what’s been said already. It helps save everyone time (in theory)

No problem if i was posted the problem here or anywhere, i just posted the problem here clearly if someone can help it will be Great :slight_smile:

What I can do and works as intended is select the first note, give it the playing technique, then lengthen its application with alt-shift-right. Then the continuation shows (whatever is chosen in Continuation, line, none…) But I don’t know how to avoid those repeated markings and why you have them, while it does not do that with, say, no vibrato… :person_shrugging:

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The reason is the playback technique for this playing technique (multiphonic) as an Attribute, and in Dorico 5, that means a separate playing technique gets input at each notehead when you select a range of notes on the same staff before inputting the playing technique.

Go to Library > Playback Techniques and change the Multiphonic playback technique to Direction, then save, close, and reopen the project.

Then, delete the existing stacked multiphonic playing techniques, select the range of bars, and re-input a multiphonic playing technique. It will now be input as a single playing technique with duration.

(This was the answer given twice on the Facebook post, but admittedly the need to close and re-open the project wasn’t mentioned there.)


Thanks Lillie ! I would not have thought to close and reopen the project, it’s a nice thing to know!

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I did all the steps you mention but the problem still the same, not only “multiphonic” behave like this but some other playning techniques…is that work fine for you? or Is it Just for me? i want to know that maybe there is something i did wrong in preferences or maybe i have to reinstall Dorico…don’t know

Can you (or anyone) see if that works fine for you please? (Dorico 5 pro)
(if it is a bug i hope it will fixed in the nexts updates)
Thank you All.

I’m afraid Jean-Louis is right. Closing and reopening the project does not solve the issue. Quitting Dorico and relaunching it does. :wink:

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There’s an entry about this in the Dorico 5 Version History (p25) that explains the change to how playing techniques get input. So it’s expected that for playing techniques whose playback technique is Attribute, a separate playing technique will be created at each note when you selected a range before inputting the playing technique.

Changing the articulation type doesn’t immediately impact the input behaviour for the corresponding playing technique; I’ve passed this on to the team for consideration.


At least in some cases this can be reconfigured in the Properties Panel.

Just as a footnote, I can’t tell that spicc. has any audible effect with NP or VSL Synchron Spec Eds. This is just a comment: no help needed.

Ok i Give up :slight_smile: i spent some days trying to solve this issue but i can’t find a solution, i have my personal way to work like everyone but custom playback techniques doesn’t work for me, look how my “Paritions” is beautiful :slight_smile: i will make a musical composition called “Expression maps in Dorico” …no seriously it’s a serious bug that needs to be fixed in the next updates…i have no idea what to do now, drink a coffee and see? maybe.
Thank you.

Comme je l’ai indiqué plus haut, la solution préconisée par Lillie fonctionne parfaitement. À condition de redémarrer Dorico. Je ne comprends pas que ça ne soit pas réglé pour vous depuis que j’ai écrit ce message…

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Salut Marc, je l’ai essayé mais ça n’a pas fonctionné pour moi

Très bizarre…
Essayez sur cette version de votre fichier :
Exemple-2.dorico (883.9 KB)
J’ai simplement passé le playback technique en direction, redémarré Dorico et chez moi, ça fonctionne… :person_shrugging:

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