Playing technique question

Question… how does one know what note a playing technique symbol applies to? I don’t mean from a notation standpoint… more from a UI standpoint. Not that this case shows it, but I could see that in certain cases, it may be possible that it becomes ambiguous. I find it a bit odd that when I delete the hi-hat note, that the playing technique remains (perhaps there are scenarios where a PT isn’t note specific?)

Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 7.17.09 PM

which Dorico version? There is a difference between 3.5 and 4 inasmuch as if you select several consecutive notes with 4 and then add a p.t, you will see a ring above the first and last notes. If you select a single note and then there is just one ring from which the dotted line is placed at the leading edge of the note --exactly as in your screenshot. In v3.5 the line is usually more central and it never extends over several notes.

Next point which confuses many is that the playing technique is what you put in the score but the playback technique is what the Expression Map uses. There are in fact two different types of playback techniques, “direction” which applies until ended with a nat/ord or switch to a different technique, and “attribute” which only applies to a single note or the selected group in v4 if applicable, after which it automatically stops. You can which applies to your particular technique by checking what playback technique applies to your playing technique as illustrated below.

Both dialogs can be found under the new Library menu in v4. In general, a text instruction like “pizz” will be a “direction” whereas articulations shown by symbols like “staccato”, “tenuto”, “marcato” etc tend to be “attributes” but it’s not always the case so check if unsure.

Dorico 4.

My question is more a PT symbol (the circle) was placed w/ with one of the notes selected… how do I know (later) when interacting w/ the software which note it is associated with? the ‘x’ note above the staff, or the note at the bottom of the staff? Regardless which one it was… selecting the PT symbol later, the dashed line that shows up points to the exact same position.

Seemingly, dorico ‘knows’ what note it is associated with… if I have the x selected when placing the PT, I get an open high hat sound… if I have the note at the bottom of the staff selected when placing it, since I have no playback technique for an open kick, there is no effect… to either instrument. However, when I later select the note, or PT symbol, it is completely ambiguous what was done… leading me to potentially not know if my playback/ing is setup correctly, or if I simply didn’t associate the symbol w/ the proper note. Deleting the note the PT was associated w/ doesn’t delete the PT symbol… which is strange because now it is orphaned. Similarly, if I option+right/left key to move a note, the PT doesn’t move w/ the note it was associated with (and if I happen to move the note back… the PT is deleted)… see: Screen Recording 2022 02 23 at 7 47 43 AM - YouTube

Playing techniques are associated with a particular voice, rather than specifically a particular note, but it’s not possible to see (e.g. by virtue of colour or whatever) which voice the playing technique belongs to.

Hmm… not sure I follow that… in the default Drum Set (Full) setup, all instruments are assigned to voice 1. Same if I force all instruments to a single voice in notation options (which, incidentally, notice the slight difference in position in the PT when set to stem up vs. when using the single voice option).

Neither is really a big deal… and likely a bit edge case… but just for understanding, it seems that for drum sets at least, the PT is instrument specific?

But is it the same voice 1 for each instrument? Remember that each instrument in a 5-line drum Kit is a separate one-line instrument “condensed” into a 5-line staff. To add dynamics to a drum kit, one must add the desired dynamic to each single-line instrument separately.

That, I don’t know. In my mind, there was an ‘up’ voice and a ‘down’ voice… not sure why one would want to put different percussion instruments on different voices… I’ve not tried it, as my preferred layout is using the single voice option.