Playing Technique “Regions”

I am working on a project and I had an idea that would have made my life a little easier.

At the moment, you can attach a Playing Technique to one position or you can extend that technique over a particular region.

It would be really cool if we could add in a pattern of playing techniques and then extend that pattern however long we like. E.G. for a conga ostinato, you could have a bar displaying the order of techniques over each note and then for every bar that the pattern extends to, the techniques keep cycling in the same order.

I am aware that you can copy/paste articulations and that bar repeat regions could do a lot of the heavily lifting but only if the pitch is not changing from bar-to-bar.

I was considering that this would be cool for guitar strumming too etc. I did post about strumming a little while ago but not about this idea.

(FYI “ostinato” autocorrected to “postnatal”… always check!)

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