playing technique reset issue

First, thank you and congratulations to the Dorico team for the 1.0.20 update! Great work, and thrilling to see things constantly evolving.

One thing that hasn’t been addressed so far, and I’m sure it is a known issue, is the “reset” of playing techniques after playback stops.
A violin flow starts arco, when the music changes to pizzicato the change is reflected properly in playback. However, if you stop playback while in pizzicato, the next playback from top will begin pizzicato until the playhead passes an explicit “arco” marking (if this arco making is on the first note, it doesn’t have any effect). Exceptions are notes with staccato dots or accents playing back arco or sometimes it sounds like arco and pizz simultaneously (?). The latter is only true while in “pizz where it should be arco” mode- accents that appear in a regularly spelled out pizzicato passage are played pizzicato.

I was hoping for this to change in this update, but no luck yet…

Happy holiday to the team!

Yes, this is indeed a known issue and I’m sure Paul hopes to get to this in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.