Playing technique settings request

I wish we could choose to continue playing techniques after system breaks without the text, just the line:

thanks for considering

We decided against this because then the player might have to look back an unspecified number of systems to find the actual technique they’re supposed to be playing. Would other users also find this useful?

IMO a playing technique that applies to a long passage like this would be better with no line at all.

I have no idea what “aranagme” means (the Google translate from Turkish of “up” isn’t very enlightening) but you don’t see continuation lines for string playing techniques like pizz. or con sord. for example, and they can remain in force for many systems or even many pages.

well, its not a playing technique, I’m just using the playing techniques continuation lines.
Its the musical intro in turkish music, and marks the players where to play.
thats the standard in thousands of turkish music notations.

Ah, so it’s not really a valid use case for playing techniques, and what you need is another means to add lines to the project, which we will provide in a future version.

I understand what you mean in the context of playing techniques per se,
but we can use those lines for a great many other things, so I think we should have this option.

More control is always better than less control.

I’m afraid I can’t agree with that sentiment. More control solely for its own sake is not a design goal for us. What we implement in Dorico is driven by actual musical requirement, not by an ill-defined desire for “more control”. Adding “more control” means more code, more test cases, more options, more complexity, more maintenance, more cognitive load for the user, more localisation cost, more documentation cost, more support cost, and so on, and so on. We are certainly not opposed to providing the user with lots of control where there is a clear case to be made for doing so – to wit, Dorico’s literally thousands of options – but not one of those options has been added simply because we can add it. “Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should…”

Hi, I have a similar problem with a transition line, for example, between “al tasto” → “al Ponte”.
I would like to not repeat the first technique after the system break, because it could cause misunderstandings.
Is still not possible to hide it?

Well… The player presumably knows what it means, because he or she is in process of executing it when moving to a new system. Mostly such things do not go on for very long. I would vote for an option with/without repetition of the technique text.