Playing technique swing visible in the score


In a piano and flute composition I have a section where I want to add swing. I can indeed insert an medium swing and at the end a straight playing technique. But I can’t get it shown in the score. When I select the playing technique and open properties panel, there is nothing. Anybody?
Thanks Jan

Insert a tempo text with shift+T instead and write swing. Then you get a list of swing options.
Ah, sorry it doesn’t show, so maybe add a text with shift+option+x also


Thanks for quick respond! I thought of your solution, but it seems to me there is a more elegant way

There might be, but not that I know of, sorry.


Actually, if you add a metronome mark, then you can hide it in the properties panel.

:grinning: That actualy works!! Thanks (it’s a bit strange that you have to have the metronome but )

Remark, you still have to use two settings, one for the playing technique to play and one for showing the text