Playing technique text position

is there a way to define the horizontal position of only specific playback technique text?

for example, arco, pizz, those short bits of text are fine.
but I have a few like “non-divisi” or “arp. lento” that are, well, longer. Dorico by default places the beginning of the text a little too far to the right, which almost makes the text look like it affects the subsequent notes.

would there be a way of defining the positioning for only those long techniques so that they start a bit further to the left?

I haven’t done it but this might help:

There’s not really a good way of doing this. PT are always centered at present.

except the playing techniques aren’t really centered.
at least, none of the text ones are. they are all slightly skewed to the right.
and if I create a long text, like “non-divisi”, the little dotted attachment line is an entire 8th note off to the right. in that particular case, the only part that is “centered” is the “non”. the “-divisi” part is completely off the note, to the right.

Or rather, PTs that are text are all dependent on the same offset, and PTs that are symbols/glyphs/composites are all centred.

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