Playing Technique that maps to >n

Is this possible?

Trying to get morendo’s that play back.

do you mean; right zone /gradual tempo change /morendo
or SHIFT /T + morendo + 2 times Enter
or didn’t I understand the question?
At least in Dorico Pro it works.

No, as used by Mahler, etc. It means to allow the note to dim. all the way to nothing. So…literally >n semantically, but that’s rather ugly notation and not in the spirit of thing.

Engraving Options>Dynamics…?

shift-D >n, or have I misunderstood?

ok. Mahler: could Properties, "Lower Zone /Initial Tempo= %, Final Tempo = 0% " help?
i.e. morendo poco a poco?
At least, the tempo part.
I’ve never used such a morendo before, but now, I’ll use it once in a while.
It’s an interesting feature.

Off the top of my head I can’t think of a way of producing a gradual dynamic change automatically from the text “morendo”. I would suggest using the dynamics editor in the Key Editor to add a gradual dynamic change at the right spot.