Playing technique transition from nothing

I have a lot of this type of thing in the string quartet I am doing:

This starts with what I call a transition from nothing (of course, a transition from current state). As a newbie question, how can I achieve this? Of course I do not want to do it just with a line, as I want the nice playing technique grouping function to assist me with the alignment.

Well I found one way. Make a PT called NIL. Add it, and set the alpha channel to 0. Works, but it’s somewhat tedious. I can’t use ‘hidden’ in engrave mode as it appears to hide the entire group.

You can call it NIL, but instead of using the name for the PT itself, you can use a GLYPH - e.g. an underscore or hyphen. You can also set the color to white, so that you are left with the continuation line only…