Playing Techniques Alignment Problem

I have just created a new exercise document (see attached). I am happy with the master page and font choices, etc, and inputting the data took a matter of minutes. Entering the up bow and down bow playing techniques to represent picking direction was easy, but a straightforward way of vertically aligning them has eluded me. I have manually adjusted the vertical position of each individual up and down which has taken longer than creating the rest of the document. Please tell me there is a simple way to do something this fundamental.

I am not sure how to attach anything to this post - there doesn’t seem to be a command to do this?

Unfortunately your project isn’t attached, but what you can do with playing techniques is group them; when grouped, they align horizontally. You would then want to make sure the up/down bow glyphs aren’t set to show continuation lines by changing their line styles in the Edit Playing Techniques dialog (continuation lines appear when playing techniques have duration or are part of a group and the playing technique is set to show them).

Thanks Lillie. I tried experimenting with this idea earlier but couldn’t get rid of the continuation lines. I will have another go. By the way, just how do you attach a document to a post? I couldn’t see anything that would allow me to do this but it’s probably staring me in the face!

I have created new up and down marks, grouped them, the continuation lines appear. Then over to engrave, edit playing techniques. I have select the up bow and down bow and continuation type is turned to none. Clicked okay. Nothing has changed - the lines are still there. What am I missing?

If I remember correctly it’s the transition line rather than the continuation line that has to be set to none. You may need to do that locally, from the properties panel.

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Thanks Pianoleo. That’s done the trick. The whole procedure is a little protracted but at least I can attain the result I was looking for!

Yes “continuation” is the generic term for all playing technique lines, but there are two different types which can have different lines: “duration” and “transition” (as described & shown in the link above for “continuation lines”). Most playing techniques with have a transition line that ends in an arrowhead and a duration line that ends in a downwards pointing hook.

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Thanks for this clarification. :+1: