Playing Techniques: Alternative text

If I switch on the property for a playing technique and type an alternative text, this text does not replace the original playing technique, it is been added at the end. Why is that? It should then better be called suffix.

It’s not an alternative to the playing technique text, it’s an alternative to the continuation. So if you wanted something like “sempre” you could switch the continuation type to “none” and then put “sempre” in alternative text. The reason it works the way it does is so that you can use it as a modifier with glyph-like playing techniques as well as textual ones.

I can’t seem to find the place where to switch the “continuation type”. There are properties for Placement and for Alternative text. That’s all.

The Continuation type switch I also can not find. My version is Dorico

Via the panel I tried to put in the string technique text „col legno“.
As I only found „col legno battuto“ i used it and afterwards tried to get rid of the „battuto“ via „Alternative text“ property switch. Ok, now I know it does not work this way…

So I input „col legno“ via SHIFT+P popover, it worked! Now I see, the panel has been populated with „col legno“ too. Have I overlooked this - or does the panel adapt by the input of the user?

Another issue. I try to notate the playing technique „trem.“ (for tremolo). The popover SHIFT+P does not accept this intake. And I don’t see anything similar in the techniques panel. How should I proceed in this case? Thank you for your time Daniel.

I asked for the same subject about a year ago and I’m really waiting for improvement - I think/hope, Daniel and his team have this on their list (as Daniel stated).

As I understand it the only continuation properties are global, and as such they’re found in Engraving Options > Playing Techniques.

k_b: “col legno” has always been in the panel, as far as I’m aware - my guess is that you just missed it the first time!
“trem.”, generally speaking, would be notated with the slashes found on the “Repeat structures” section of the right panel (between trills and bar/barlines). The reasoning there is that tremolos are a repeat, of sorts.

There are two options for “continuation for text instructions” there, but switching to “no continuation”, (Daniel stated "switch the continuation type to “none”, which is something else?) doesn’t clear the original playing technique name.? You can’t clear the playing technique text and type an alternative one, as far as I can see. So you’ll have to use Shift+X text for the time being.

ok. I will go with SHIFT+X

Sorry, I’m talking about unfinished stuff here. The plan for playing techniques is for them to be able to provide continuations like arrows, lines, etc. showing the point at which they should end, but this is only partly implemented (and not at all visible in released builds at the moment).