Playing Techniques and Playback

I’m currently editing a Percussion Map. This involves editing the Percussion Kit, the Percussion Map, Playing Techniques, the graphic Interface for Playing Techniques and Playback Playing Techniques. The problem is that I have to save, close and reload the program for some of the edits to take hold. For example, I can create a new Playing Technique and a new Playback Playing Technique, assign it in the Percussion Map and use it in Write Mode, but I can’t be sure that what I’m hearing is right (my test as to whether I’ve done it all correctly) until I’ve saved, closed and reloaded.

I suspect this is probably a consequence of the way that I’m working in and out of these 5 different areas. My question is: is there an ideal sequence of working through these areas that would stop the need for saving, closing and reloading?

(my apologies if I’ve raised this before - I thought I had but can’t find it.)

On the occasions I’ve been through this process myself I’ve not encountered situations where I have to load the score again in order to hear the effects of what I’ve done. If you have a specific case where defining something new doesn’t work as you expect and you can pin it down to a minimal case, please describe the steps and we’ll take a look.

Thanks Daniel,

I’m currently mapping NI’s Ebony Kit with the Brushes Map and it’s happened on several occasions - most recently this morning after I wrote the above post. The next time it does I’ll retrace my steps, make a note of them and copy you on the file.

Here’s an example:

I’ve got a very rudimentary kit here - I’ve programmed in just three Snare Drum Brush strokes. I want the natural stroke to be an un-indicated Left-hand Tap, I also want the same note to be applied if I indicate a Left-hand Tap (in a L/R sequence for example). I’ve added a right-hand tap as well. Just 2 note midi notes involved. A very basic percussion map.

After it loads, the sequence should work properly (Midi Notes 38-40-38-40). Delete the Second note ® technique and replace it with an L Technique. It’ll play back as if it’s still an R technique. Delete the note itself, re-enter it and apply the L technique and it’ll still play back as if it’s an R technique.

Save the file without changing anything, close it, reopen it and it’ll play that last change back correctly.

Don’t worry about the second kit and the LH/Natural; that’s me looking at 1) options for separating brushes and sticks and 2) make sticking work. This problem was happening before I looked at doing either of those.

Apologies in advance for any schoolboy howlers you find - I find programming percussion quite tough.
NI (1.77 MB)