Playing techniques and staff views

When I am drawing cc curves in the playing technique I am having to go back and forth between the ‘Write’ and ‘Play’ tabs since it is not easy to see what notes are playing in the sequencer view under ‘Play’.
Is there a way to see the staff view while being able to draw the CC curves?
Thanks for any suggestions.

Welcome to the forum, Anand. You should be able to resize the lower zone in Write mode to be as large as you need it to be so that you can see both the staff notation and the Key Editor at a useful size, unless your Dorico project window is very small or you are using a small display.

Thank you, Daniel, and sorry for that mundane question. I did not even realize that there is a lower zone in the Write mode.
I don’t think there is another product for which the creator himself is answering even the simplest of queries.
Thank you!

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