Playing techniques and vertical distance from the note


I’ve tried to create a ‘fake’ tenuto sign (-), to create a visual symbol with no playback meaning.

I’ve given the Above and Below versions of the custom playing technique enough virtual space (Y offset) to simulate the space automatically added to the regular Tenuto symbol.

However, both in Write and Engrave mode, the default position of the new symbol is much nearer to the note. I can adjust the spacing in the glyph editor, but the position in the score remains the same. In the following example, the fist one is the custom playing technique, the second the symbol inserted from the tool palette:


And these are the original drawings:

Is there something else that I should adjust, to make the offset in the glyph be respected in the score?


Unfortunately not, no. You’d need to add e.g. a tiny white SVG to your playing technique, or something along those lines. Or you could change the default distance for playing techniques from the staff in Engraving Options, which may or may not be acceptable for your current project.

Thank you, Daniel. Maybe this is the best option, not impacting the other playing techniques.