Playing techniques editor

In the editor I want to add the glyph with the code uniE8CB.salt01 from Bravura section “Accordion / recommended stylistic alternates”. How can I do so, I can’t find this glyphe in the editor?

Sorry, another question on this topic …
When adding a new component to the playing techniques it is only available in the current project, right? How to use all new defined symbols in a new project?

Selecting the new technique in the list and clicking Save as Default should do the trick.

Add it as text: set the style to font.bravura and copy and paste the symbol from

Yes, this will work, but I have made a note to add an extra range for the optional glyphs that are not part of the recommended list of glyphs for SMuFL but which are included in Bravura, to make this a bit more direct.

Thanks for this editor!!

I think this might be a bug, though:

Screenshot_2018-05-30 21.47.45.png

Thanks, this works (one should add that it is necessary to click on okay at the end).

Is it possible to manipulate the order of the new created symbols in the playing techniques map?

Leigh, that’s just an internal unique identifier for the technique you’ve added. It’s unsightly but not a bug!

Uwe, no, there’s no way at present to influence the order that the symbols appear.

Okay, Daniel. I think this will be available someday. And then it would be nice if one could create new “chapters” in the map.

Unsightly? I don’t know, I kind of like the variety of hexadecimal!


How can I create in my new playing technique a continuation line, like in piano pedal? I even don’t see “sustain pedal” in playing techniques editor.

You can’t yet.
I think pedal lines are a completely different species. But you can use a pedal line to fake whatever line it is that you need. Create a pedal line, then in the properties panel set a custom start text and customize the line to your liking.

Unfurtonutely there is no way to implement pedal line in divisi staffs. You can only implement it under bottom staff of divisi.
And one question: where can I find “custom start text”? I don’t see it.

Switch on ‘Sign appearance’ and select ‘Ped. Text’.
Then switch on ‘Text’ and enter your text.

Hm. I hadn’t tried it with divisi before. Could you attach the pedal line to the bottom staff and drag it in position in Engrave Mode?

Thank you, text is working.
In Engrave Mode it is possible to move the pedal line. But I was hoping, that there exist more atomatic solution to create playing technique with extension line.

I guess an automatic solution is coming. We can already set playing techniques to have a duration. They probably didn’t have the time to implement the continuation lines before the release of 2.0.

Seeing as there are really no lines at all (except pedal lines, trills and arpeggios, which are rather essential), I’d say they’ll all come in one go, as usual…

One more thought.
The switch „alternative text” is still misleading, because it is not alternative, but rather suffix.
Now it’s not so important, because we can create our own technique.
But still sometimes is better to change something in particular case and not to create another playing technique. E.g. it would be good to have possibility to make the playing technique parenthesised (by use witcher or „alternative text”).

I think it’s a bug, in the early versions of Dorico 1 it was not a suffix, but a alternative text.

I just stumbled across this bug, too, and was going to report it but luckily I searched the forum before taking the wrath of the community for posting without searching. :smiley:
Anyway, I hope this is going to be fixed in the next version.