Playing techniques edits not saved

I’m sure this is asked somewhere before but I’m at a total loss,

I added a couple of playing techniques (with graphics for kids’ worksheets) without any problems.
When I edit them they are not saved to default, so when I want to use them in a new project the edits are gone. It looks like the edits are only saved for the current file.

What am I missing?

IIRC It’s a 2 step process.

  1. Create your new playing technique. Press OK (dialog closes)
  2. Reopen the Edit techniques dialog and select your new technique. Press the Star (bottom left) to save as default.
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It can be done in one go, at least I think so. I used the star icon to save as default. But when I have a new project and try to edit the technique while the star is still checked and I make a new project, the edits are not saved and I get the first version of the playing technique without the edits

I can image there’s some logic for it because older projects might have the same playing techniques which should not be changed because they where made before the edit. So I guess there’s a

  • project setting
    and a
  • default (saved) setting (?)

But how this actually works is unclear to me. If you only made the playing technique once and did not touch it everything works fine but when you want to make changes it becomes unclear how things work.

but still I guess I’m just missing something

I disagree. You need to save the new technique (as a new technique) before it can be saved to defaults.

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What do you mean by ‘save’? You click the plus sign, make the technique and then press the star right? I was thinking of that as one step

Your new technique is saved (in the current project) when you hit OK. When you first create it you see the title has an * at the end - that means it is unsaved.

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mhh, I’ll dive into it again tomorrow. I tried everything I thought…

did some testing again.

When editing a user-made Playing Technique that’s already saved as default, any additional edits to this Playing Technique are not saved.

So: how should I actually do it?

The star button writes the item in its currently saved state to your defaults file. So you have to OK the latest changes (as Janus said, dismissing the dialog), then reopen it, select the item, and click the star in order to include your latest changes.

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so if I’m correct:

  1. You make a new (custom) Playing Technique
  2. When finished you click the star to save it as default
    now it is available in all projects

As long as you don’t want any changes to them, you’re fine

When you want to change a custom Playing Technique:

  1. You edit the Playing Technique
  2. Click OK (this closes the window)
  3. Open the window again
  4. Remove the checked star
  5. Check the star again

Now the Playing technique is available in (new!) projects. Older projects still use the older version of the playing technique.

the star as a toggle button just makes no sense, as well as the 5 steps to take for changing a Playing Technique.

In my opinion the asterisk after the playing technique should stay as long as it is not the same as the default. As soon as you hit OK after changing, it disappears which would make you think it was saved because the star is also still checked.

Maybe there also should be two items in the list, one for the saved default and one for any (current file related) edits