Playing techniques in Play doesn't do nothing?

Hi, I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but I found 2 problems here:

  1. It seems that the playing techniques that we can see in Play mode doesn’t reflect correctly the score. It seems that it only shows Natural, pizz. and not too much more. I attach a screenshot to show the problem. Articulations like “alla chitarra”, “con sord.”, “col legno” and so on, doesn’t appears. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  2. Also, it seems that there are some inconsistencies in the naming/mapping between Expression Maps and Playing Techniques;

a) in the playing techniques we can see a symbol for “Sul Ponticello (Bow on Bridge)” and at the same time “sul pont.”. If i use an Expression Map, will it map to the first or the second?.

b) Same happens with “con sord.”, “with mute” and the simbol of “mute on” (the inverted trident).

c) (AFAIK) I can’t map a symbol to an expression map, or there is a lack of them. For instance, it seems that is not possible to map “Overpressure (Up Bow)” to an expression map, because only exist “overpressure” as expression map. But in the playing techniques we have:

Overpressure (No Bow Direction)
Overpressure (Down Bow)
Overpressure (Up Bow)
Overpressure Possibile (Down Bow)
Overpressure Possibile (Up Bow)


  1. You will only see the playing techniques in the dedicated lane in Play mode for playing techniques that are actually routed to a specific articulation or playing technique in the sound you’re using: things like “alla chitarra” are not by default mapped in the HSO string sounds, for example, so you would need to use your own sound library and define a VST Expression Map that includes that technique.

  2. Both of the sul ponticello playing technique appearances map onto the same playing technique that you can create in your VST Expression Maps. At the moment, all of those various overpressure playing technique appearances also map onto the same basic “overpressure” playing technique, for which no sound is provided in the included HSO sounds in any case.

I’ve routed some articulations, then I’ve assigned the Kontakt VST instrument to the player, but still it shows always Natural. I’ve tried also reloading the project, just to be sure, but still no luck.

Also, I think that this other problem is related somehow to the issue I’m experiencing: I can see the C notes being played in the Kontakt VST, but the articulations are not being played (I’m looking directly to the Kontakt keyboard to check if some articulation key is played, just in case I made some mistake with the mapping numbering). May be I need to add the vst somewhere else?

I’m attaching a screenshot where you can see the mapped articulations and the vst assignment.

I just tried to add the key mapping and changing to the Kontalt VST instead of HSO before entering the notes, but still it doesn’t work and it doesn’t shows the Playing techniques in Play mode.

I guess I’m doing something wrong but I just followed the standard steps, so I don’t know…

In your first example you would have to put ‘ord.’ (or arco) before Détaché because pizz. detache isn’t meaningful… similarily, you would need to enter a technique ‘Pizzicato + Muted’ in order for con sord. to be understood while pizz is the current technique… etc. etc. :slight_smile:

Oh, so it is necessary to put “pizzicato + Muted” to understand “con sord.”, ok understood, thanks!

Anyway, in my second example still nothing works (I understand that “nat.+ mute”, which has no key mapping, shouldn’t work, but all the other, Legato, pizz, spicc, etc, should work and they aren’t :confused: )