Playing techniques inside slurs, octave lines, etc.

I think that some playing techniques should be inside slurs or octave lines, as for example the circle that indicates harmonic (see, Behind Bars p. 424), and in general all notehead attacched playing techniques.
I propose that tha tucking index of playing techniques could affect not only the playing techniques order, but also the interaction with other elements such as slurs, octave lines, etc.
Thank you in advanced for considering this, and congratulations for the last update!

Here you have an example:

I recently posted a similar post:

Thank you for reposting it with better expression!

Oh, I didn’t see it. I am happy to know that I am not the only one that need this :slight_smile:

The only items that are positioned together are slurs, tuplets, octave lines and articulations. Everything else either goes inside or outside all of those items. Playing techniques can either be inside all of those items, or outside all of those items, in whatever combination they occur. You cannot, say, place a playing technique outside a tuplet but inside a slur, because if there are both slurs and tuplets present at the same position, they will be positioned together, and nothing can go inbetween them. You can adjust the position of every item manually in Engrave mode and for now that is what you will have to do.

Thank you Daniel for the explanation. I understand. In any case, it would be great to be able to change the default order of these groups for each element. The default collision management is excellent, and it is a shame that in some cases you have to make a lot of adjustments due to the lack of this feature.

Is there a way to force the natural harmonics to be inside the slur? As @xavierpages mentioned, Gould p.424, and I am working on a section like this in a composition. I’ve engraved the p.424 example to try and find a way to make it work (and preferably with playback). Any suggestions?

It would be more user-friendly if natural harmonics symbols and some of playing technique symbols are placed inside a slur and octave line by default.

There’s no way to force harmonics inside a slur at present, no, for the reasons outlined in my earlier reply in this thread.

I have found a temporary solution that consists in re-defining the symbol of one unused articulation (for example, stressed or unstressed). You can set them to the harmonic symbol and it works wonderfully. You can do this with other symbols as much as you have more unused articulations.