Playing techniques not considered when using Halion Sonic?

I created a Dorico project with an electric guitar. Dorico uses the “Solid Guitar VX” in Halion Sonic SE and everything is working fine. Playing techniques like palm mute are considered during playback.
Now, I want to add insert effects to the guitar. This is not possible in Halion Sonic SE, so I change the VST instrument to Halion Sonic (with the same program “Solid Guitar VX”). After this change playing techniques have no effect during playback. After going back to “Halion Sonic SE” everything works as expected again (but without insert effects).
What am I missing here? I’m pretty sure there is an easy solution but I cannot figure it out…

You need to make sure you assign the same expression map in the Endpoint Setup dialog that Dorico chooses automatically.

Thank you, this was exactly what I was looking for!