Playing Techniques Popover List - Down Bow Up Bow

When we hit shift-P in write mode we get the Playing Techniques popover. I’m searching for the input into that popover that would create a down bow or an up bow.

More generally, how can we see the list of everything for that popover (and other popovers)? I looked in the documentation and didn’t find it.

The two inputs you are looking for are “upbow” and “downbow”.

One would hope the update brings a shorter string to type for these, or at least the same spelling used in the palette, or standard spelling!

Thank you, I was writing “up bow” and “down bow” to no avail. I would want “d” and “u”.

I agree with this 100%. It takes way too long to type out such a frequently used item.

In the FAQ thread, the most recent reply links a document with all possible popover entries.

…or even better, user configuration of the popover inputs. Something like Preferences - Keyboard Shortcuts.

Yes possibly one day - they all have to be parsed (understood by Dorico) which takes a little more work at our end first.