Playing Techniques popover still requires double return

I noticed in the Dorico 4 release notes (page 76), it says “Popover input. It is no longer necessary to hit Return twice to confirm input of the Shift+P popover.”

I may be misinterpreting what that means, but I’m finding it takes 2 presses of return. For example:

1). Select a note
2). Shift-P
3). Type arco
4). Press return (the seems to confirm the selected choice from the dropdown)
5). Press return again (to actually apply the playing technique)

As arco is the only thing in the list when you type it in fully, I was expecting not to need the double return.

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Yes, you’re right, Matt. I have a feeling that this is something we had to modify again after we made that initial change because it introduced a different problem. I’m sorry for the inaccuracy in the Version History PDF in that regard.


Try pressing tab instead of return @Matt_Welch.

Here’s the difference I find:

When the typed string matches only one PT (as confirmed by the dropdown), Return now completes it. This is a big little improvement over 3.5, where input is discarded unless the PT is typed in full. Then a second Return enters it in the score. This seems good to me.

In 4.0 the first Return will also complete the top hit of multiple matches in the dropdown.

Thanks - that does indeed work!

Yes, playing around with it a bit more, I’m finding the least number of keypresses for acro as an example is to type ‘ar’ then hit return twice.

Thanks Daniel. I also noticed a minor bug if you open the playing techniques popover, then click other notes on the score. The popover lags one note behind the note most recently clicked.

Or, one less (as I learned from post #3 above today): Tab enters the top hit in one go.

[Edit: untrue, see below]

Thanks Mark - yes, although I’m finding that I need to type the top hit out fully for the tab trick to work. If I type ‘ar’ and then tab, the popover disappears.

Okay, this is interesting: Tab works in that way for the cues popover, but not PTs.