Playing Techniques VS 8va up lines

Hi, on Full Score and on Instrument Part I have a problem using Playing Techniques and an 8va up line. The Playing Techniques get above the line and it is not clear. Is there a way to say that the line must be above the Playing techniques?

Many Thanks!!!

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Usual workaround : select the 8va line, flip it (press F) and put it back up in Engrave mode with alt-cmd-up. You might need to change the vertical hook to -1.

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That is a good solution when the 8va line is one bar long or not having several lines long. Mine, in this case, has 3 lines of line, is difficult to assure that it will be perfect and it will not change with future modifications.
But is a good trick in simples things!

I don’t see where that’s a problem. If you fear it’s going to break havoc because it appears in different layouts, make sure you set your properties to local when you refine the positioning of each line (note that in Engrave mode, each system can receive a different setting for the positioning of the line). Problems arise when you’re not aware of the local/global setting of properties :wink:

No, my fear is that if I make a system brake or a frame break it won’t be adjusted to that the changes I make manually.

You’re right. It’s something you would need to check out before delivering the score, at the end of the process, while re-reading everything.