Playing Techniques Won't Remember Location

Hi All,

Weird one: I have multiple playing techniques laid out on top of each other (some of these are custom for ease of input, though not strictly playing techniques), e.g.


I can manually adjust which of these is on top in engrave mode, but when I leave the part the software does not remember what I did and reverts to the previous order /layout— in some places this means text is encroaching on to the stave/in very random locations and my amendments are not remembered (current work around is make the edit, print PDF, and hope I don’t need to adjust things later).

Any idea what is happening here? It is not text collision avoidance as these are playing techniques. Here is an example of text I have manually moved into position above the stave, saved, viewed a different part, and returned to the previous part to find my movements undone:
Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 14.39.12



Hi Dan, how are you adjusting them, moving them graphically or using the playing technique tucking index?

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Hey Lillie,

Just dragging them manually/graphically at the moment.

Try using the playing technique tucking index instead. The graphical offsets that get set when you move things graphically offset items from where Dorico automatically calculates them to be, which is why they end up “in the wrong place” if the order gets recalculated - they’re keeping the same offset, just from a different starting position.

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No joy unfortunately. I tried turning the tucking index off and on to “reset” the position to 0 0, then typed in a location on the index, but the same problem occurs. Am I missing a step?

WAIT. I am using “offset” not tucking…one moment…

M A G I C.

I can’t put into words how aggressively I’ve been swearing at my computer up until now.

T H A N K Y O U S O M U C H, O M G


Excellent, glad that’s sorted for you!

If you did any searching about this, were there any particular words or phrases you were using that, if not already in the relevant topic’s metadata, would help a future user like yourself?

Thanks again!

If it helps I searched on Google and within the forum for:

  • Global text collision avoidance
  • Collision avoidance text
  • Collision avoidance playing technique
  • Playing technique location
  • Playing technique won’t remember location

Potentially Collision Avoidance Playing Technique might be useful, as it only yielded results regarding multiple stacked symbols, but not playing techniques that are text.

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That’s very helpful indeed, thank you.

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