Playing Techniques x2

Trying to apply playing techniques to several notes ( continuous or not) it will only be applied to the first one, having to repeat the same procedure everytime again for every note. Is there a way? or should I wait for future apgrades of this fantastic software?

You could try, repeat the signs under continuation type:
Only works with type=Glyph not text


That’s right, apart from inputting a playing technique with duration across a range of notes and repeating the glyphs on each notehead, you can only input notations one at a time. This applies to all notations that are separate objects (notations that are part of notes, like articulations, you can add to multiple notes at once).

The alternative for when you want to add notations to multiple staves at the same position is to show the caret, extend it to those staves, and then input using the popover - that will input the same notation on all staves with the caret on at once.