Playspeed and pitch bug

So i think i might have a problem on my software.
It’s been a while that i havn’t used cubase but now that i reopen it and i listen to the song i made, its not the same as the one i exported, its feels speed up and also pitched up. This happens on few files and i looked at the time on 2 differents exports. It looks like cubase is basically sped up. which makes the song go faster obviously but also uptune. the seconds passing in the program are also a tiny bit faster than normal. it is so weird, does someone have a fix for this ?

Most likely you have a mismatch of Sample rate between the Project and your Audio Interface. Set them to match.

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Thats what i’m currently trying, but since i use voicemeeter, its quite difficult to find matching settings without having a huge delay when i’m playing guitar

ok so thats was exactly sample rate issue, i added Voicemeeter on the computer to add an EQ for windows and my mic for streaming and cubase / voicemeeter didnt have same SR so thanks bud.
For the latency i’ll just change the input when recording and mastering.