PLE and "Filter Channel Types

I wish to have a key command for a mixer showing only FX channels. This was easily completed using “Channel Visibility Configurations” however these cannot be saved globally and therefore create a considerable amount of work on other projects.
There’s a set of useful presets which do exactly what I want under “filter channel types” however I can find no way of setting these up with key commands. Currently trying but failing with PLE.
Any help would be gratefully received.


You can make a Macro:

  • Hide All tracks.
  • Use Project Logical Editor Preset to show FX Tracks only:
Filter Target
( Media Type is | Equal | Effects | And
Container Type is | Equal | Track )

Action Target
Track Operation | Hide Track | Disable


Assign custom KeyCommand to this Macro, please.

Thanks Martin. The macro ( if I am interpreting correctly) will use “hide all” key command. As far as I can see this hides the tracks and not the mixer channels.
Is this wrong ?


You can sync The Project window and MixConsole visibility.

Unfortunately I am having differing setups between tracks and channels


Could you use one of the multiple Mixers to show just the FX channels?

Thanks yes that is helping. Now hit difficulty with folding and unfolding tracks.

If I unfold tracks in project with sync project and mixer off then switch sync on, it does indeed cause the mixer to mirror the project.
Now if I fold tracks in project with sync project and mixer off then switch sync on, it does not sync.
Am I doing something wrong ?

Nope that is how it behaves, did you tried to make macro?
I am not in front of cubase atm but some macro like this:
-Project unfold tracks
-sync project with mixer(or whatever it called)


Yes as stated above it unfolds but will not fold.

Try something like this?

Either Pre-Process that I disabled (Project / Folding Toggle Tracks) or the Post-Process works here with a bit different behavior. You can experiment and see which one is suitable for you.
P.S there are couple of more folding options so you can try those out in post or pre process.
Finding a correct sequence is a bit tricky but when you find it it will be joy :slight_smile: so don’t run away to set a macro containing few PLE presets triggered in order that will work for you. Also dont forget to tick sync MixCosole with poroject!

As you said its not globally doing it via visibility agents, but that is like 5 seconds to set and save visibility configuration where only FX channels will be displayed and once project saved you can always trigger it via key command. Personally I found visibility configs more precise and reliable than PLE for those tasks.