PLE Bug / Colour Bug - Default Colour of Recorded/Drawn Events not seen by program as existing (Still in 10.5)

Hi, the default colours of tracks and their automatic painting of the event does not seem to actually be included in the colour targeting protocols of the program.

you can test this.

Record some blank events onto a track with a default track colour (not one you have applied)

chop up the event so that are now multiple you can select.

select one of the events and paint it a colour, so that one event has a paint selected colour, and the rest were the default track colour

open PLE:

-Filter Target:
–Color Name is | Contains Not | Rating: (The one color you painted the one event)

Function: Select

It will not have selected the default-coloured events

you can the confirm this by painting the uncoloured events, but use a different colour than the one used on the one event (you can even paint them the SAME colour as the DEFAULT colour if you have copied it into your paint palette choices), and this time it will properly select as expected.

Would greatly appreciate confirmation of this from someone as process of elimination!

Thank you

simple test, anyone? thanks

This has been confirmed by another person on GearSlutz :bulb: :exclamation:

How do I submit this as an official ticket?


Do you mean the default grey colour?

I have not tested with the default grey colour, I have changed my default colours. But yes, that is what I would mean.

But I did change my default track colours to colours that would be accessible in the palette, and added them to my paint palette.

Was this fixed in 10.5?


Still the same in Cubase 10.5.