PLE - Change all tracks in folder to a selected output

Can anyone help with a PLE - the Change all tracks inside a selected folder to a selected group output ? I have tried below but I am missing some steps I with

this seems to do it now , can anyone let me know this is correct way to work ? thx


I would do it this way:

Filter Target
( Media Tpe is | Equal | Audio | And
Property | Property is Set | Parent Object is Selected )

Action Target
Track Operation | Connect Output | *Your Group *


I’m really surprised, your version is working, sorry. My approach is totally straightforward. It’s an Audio track, which is in the selected Folder.

Btw, the same for your and mine solution, we are not routing the tracks to the Selected Group, we are routing the tracks to the pre-defined track.

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Thanks Martin, I’m trying to change all tracks within a folder to a single group .

I was thicking from selecting a folder


This is exactly, what is my PLE doing. :wink:

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Nice one ! thx man