PLE change position in Frames to match actual frame rate.

When using PLE script as attached, unless the project frame rate is set to 25fps the selected event will not be moved exactly 1 frame, but instead it’s moved an uneven number corresponding to the length of 1/25 frame.
So in the case of a project running 50fps the selected event will be moved 2 frames instead of one. In other fps it will be moved an odd number.

To reproduce:

  • Create a PLE script as attached. (Property set to Event is Selected, Target set to Position adding 1 frame).
  • Select a different Project Frame Rate then 25.
  • Select an event and call the PLE script.
  • observe that it’s not being moved exactly 1 frame.

This does work correctly when using a PLE script that manipulates Length.


It works to me here as expected, I cannot reproduce it. I tested with 23.98 fps, 30 fops 50 fps and 60 fps.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode, please?

No, see below.

Not if he’s displaying sub frames, which I think he is. The only way to get 5 leading zeros in the input field is by displaying sub frames. No?

You are correct! :blush:

In that case, I tried at different sample rates, thinking there could be a rounding error involved, and couldn’t reproduce.

I looked it up too, the Day digit would be separated by a space, in addition to a period that separates Frames from Subframes. (lesson learned :confused: )