PLE - Earlier Presets?

can anyone tell me why a folder appeared “Earlier Presets” it really messed up MetaGrid until I trashed it

I already had the same problem
switching from Cubase 11 to 12
Just copy the old file of your PLEs
in this file

OK thank , I found removing the “Earlier Presets” fixed it , as the new ones seemed to be the same , ( I have kept a copy incase) they seem the same so far so I wonder why it makes a copy

Can anyone help here , I have now deleted this three times and it keeps coming back ?
Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 17.30.23

Why do you have compressed files in the Earlier folder?

There not in the “earlier presets” folder they are compressed copies of the others that got made , I compressed them before deleting, just in case , but they just keep getting made .

only thing you can do, that I found so far anyway is delete the content of the folder named “earlier presets”. and leave it empty . That way Cubase doesn’t use them when you send a function from MetaGrid .