PLE: How to make deletion on selected tracks only.

Project Logical Editor. Tried to make a new preset from “Delete all volume” (it don’t works BTW, made a new one worked as expected with slightly changed parameters. It deletes all volume correctly) But I want volume to be deleted on selected tracks only. Made another one preset but it don’t work(
Look at attachment and tell me please what is wrong with me? Or with PLE?

The LE sequence in the pic tries to delete the Automation track, which is illogical, as they can’t be deleted. :wink:

You’ll have to do a combination of commands and a PLE. Maybe start by hiding all automation, then show used on selected track, then maybe a PLE to select or delete volume automation. Something like that…

Thanks Steve! I thought “automation” means “data” but it turns out to be “track” in PLE. Ok, I’ll try another way.

My brain’s boiled. No way to select volume automation track on selected tracks. Can anyone try this? Maybe I have irrational logic and everything is much easier)

Finally! Oh my! It seems like I had proper solution but overlooked it somehow. I really need it to automate my work.
Visibility agent: show selected tracks only, PLE: select volume automation (perhaps inside LR), delete, visibility agent: show all tracks.