PLE issues "select events inside cycle on selected track(s)"

I had reported this with regard to eariler Cubase iterations, and I still cannot seem to get what seems like correctly designed macros / PLE scripts working.

What I am trying to achieve: either using the select tool, or the range tool, select all the events between the left and right locators-- but exclusively on the selected track(s).


Re: selecting events between locators using the range tool:

On the PC version of Cubase, the following macro will select events between locators on all tracks. The intended behaviour is to select event(s) on the selected track(s) only.


Re: selecting events between locators using the select tool:

The following macro & PLE script combo is not selecting any events on the selected track(s) when executed:

the macro:

  • Select all on track

followed by the following PLE script:

Filter Target|Condition  | Param 1| Param 2| Bool

Property| Property is Set| Selected|        |And
Position| Inside Cycle   |         |        |And


I wonder if you have any suggestions as to how to make it work correctly.

Thank you!

There is a redraw bug where deselected items retain their highlighting after being deselected. They get redrawn properly if you move the mouse cursor anywhere over the project window, and operations done on them do work correctly.

Is that what you see?